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COVID -19  Mitigation and Risk Management Policy

As Western Australia is still operating under COVID-19 restrictions, we are required to provide all schools attending Boshack with details of our COVID-19 Mitigation and Risk Management Strategy.


For optimum safety of all staff and attendees, it is important for you to review these items and if you have any questions, to please follow up with us.   If current COVID-19 regulations change, this policy will be amended and updated accordingly.


It is a condition of all Boshack Camps that schools agree to comply with the following:

  • School’s are requested NOT to send anyone to a camp at Boshack that has been unwell with potential COVID symptoms, has been outside of Western Australia in the last 14 days or is currently in self-isolation.  

  • Any adult or student proposing to attend Boshack that has ANY symptoms of COVID-19 is to seek immediate medical advice, be tested for COVID-19 and to self-isolate until such time as subsequent testing shows COVID-19 negative AND all potential COVID-19 symptoms are resolved.

  • The school to source from parents / guardians of students, and all staff a signed form detailing 

  1. Anyone from their household who has been out of Western Australia in the last 14 days

  2. Anyone from their household who is displaying any potential COVID symptoms

  3. Anyone from their household who is in self isolation at home.

A file containing these statements needs to be held by the school’s staff attending Boshack for the duration of camp and, if required, be provided to attending medical personnel.

  • If during camp, anyone develops any COVID-19 symptoms (38 degree C  temperature, sore throat, breathing difficulties, etc) Boshack will

  1. Immediately isolate the patient

  2. Contact the School, which would in turn, immediately notify the parents / guardians of the student, or staff member’s next of kin.

  3. Call an ambulance to transport the patient to Northam Hospital (school or parents will be required to pay for this.  Cost approximately $1500).


There are numerous soap, water and hand sanitizer stations at Boshack, available for use by all staff and students.  Frequent reminders are given during each day to prompt regular COVID hygiene practices.   


Accommodation is currently limited to 12 persons per cabin, with appropriate spacing between mattresses.  Cabins are also well aired out during the day.


Toilets, kitchen, dining hall are disinfected during the day.

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