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School Activities

At Boshack, students have the opportunity to experience real life examples of classroom based concepts. Science, Geography and History become tangible experiences that engage and enthuse students building neural connections that stick!

Students will be guided in a range of experiences inspired by some of the leading nature-based connection and education models from around the world.

An Educated by Nature - Boshack Camp experience allows students and teachers to develop:

  • Relationships with nature

  • Environmental awareness

  • Team building skills

  • Survival skills

  • Physical literacy (coordination, balance, strength)

  • Sustainable living practices

  • Understanding of conservation, regeneration and land management

The school camps program at Boshack includes stories, activities and information that addresses many outcomes in the West Australian Curriculum. These include:

Biological Science:

  • Food chain

  • Adptation

  • Features of living things

  • Life cycles



  • Vegetation types

  • Weather

  • Connection to nature

  • Orientation and mapping



  • History of settlement

  • Agricultural history

  • Exploration and movement of people


Health and Physical Education

  • Personal safety

  • Movement and coordination

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